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About Civis

Civis is a citizen science platform developed by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT). Our goal is to provide infrastructure and content that help broaden the understanding of citizen science, promote its use, and support the development of initiatives and the application of methodologies in this field.

You will find a variety of content related to citizen science, including information on initiatives, projects, and organizations; tools and resources that help you understand the theme when carrying out initiatives and adopting methods with this approach; scheduled events in Brazil and abroad; Open-ed texts and interviews with practitioners, professionals, and researchers in the field, in addition to other content that may be of interest.

Civis does not have this functionality at the moment.

How to collaborate with Civis

Yes, you need to register a login and password to submit content to Civis. It is possible to make your participation visible to other registered participants by accessing your “Privacy Centre.” To learn more about this, see item 3c of our Guia de Uso ("Making your Profile public").

You can send content using our forms, which you can access by clicking the New Submission button. You must be logged in to the platform to do this. See item 5 of our User Guide ("Submit New Content to Civis") to learn more about this.

You can submit citizen science initiatives and projects, resources and tools directed towards citizen science, citizen science training sessions, and organisations that develop citizen science projects, initiatives, and resources.

The images need to be within the dimensions set in the submission forms. See item 5e of our User Guide ("Attaching Images") to learn more about this.

There is a specific field in the initiative or organization submission form where you can identify the location or you can click directly on the map, using your cursor.

After logging in to the platform, enter the profile page of the respective content and click on the “Edit” button. You can only edit content that you have submitted. Co-editors are also authorized to implement changes in initiatives.

An editor is a person with the status to change the information of an initiative. You must be invited by the person who originally published the content on the platform to occupy this position.

When bookmarking a project or resource, you add the corresponding content to your library. This makes it easier to find the content you select later.

The platform’s maintenance team moderates Civis by reading the information included in the submission form. Our goal is to ensure that the content registered is within the scope of citizen science and to prevent the platform from being used for other purposes.

To suggest content for the blog, fill out our contact form, which you can find in the footer menu.

Content Search

You can search by typing keywords of interest in the search field. See item 4 or our User Guide (“Perform Searches”) for more information. As buscas são realizadas digitando, nos campos de busca, os termos de interesse. Para mais informações, consulte o item 4 do nosso (“Realize buscas”).

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can use our contact form to let us know about what it is you would like to see and suggest new content. You can also submit initiatives, organizations, resources, and events that aren’t registered on the platform.

How to Contact Us

To contact Civis, simply use the contact form.

You can contact the persons responsible for the initiative directly by using the contact information available on the respective profile page.
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