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Brazil Private sector
Carbono 14

Empresa de meio ambiente e inovação que, desde 2007, atua desenvolvendo soluções sustentáveis na gestão, controle e monitoramento de ecossistemas costeiros.Nosso trabalho multidisciplinar garante qualidade, eficácia, eficiência, criatividade e soluções …

Canada Academic or research
Project Seahorse

Project Seahorse is an award-winning team that has made measurable gains in marine conservation around the world. We build knowledge and then translate it into effective action, creatively and collaboratively. …

Uganda Consortium or network
Citizen Science in Uganda

Internationally, Citizen Science is slowly developing into a field on its own, and its potential for research, policy development and sustainability is increasingly recognized⁠. It can be argued that especially …

Colombia Non-governmental
ABC Colombia, Somos territorio

ABC Colombia, Somos Territorio es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro con sede en Yopal, Casanare. Nosotros creemos que una conciencia ambiental y democráticafortalecida puede transformar nuestra relación con el …

Mexico Community-led or collective
Comunidad y Biodiversidad - COBI

Promovemos la conservación marina y el manejo sostenible de los recursos pesqueros de la mano de las comunidades costeras de México. Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C. (COBI) nace de la inspiración …

South Africa Consortium or network

WaterCANis a growing network of citizen science activists who are committed water guardians and willing stewards advocating for clean, safe and sustainable water. This is achieved by: Using citizen science …

Central African Republic Community-led or collective
Lepidopterists' Society of Africa - LepSoc Africa

A group of enthusiasts dedicated to the study and conservation of butterflies and moths in the Afrotropical region. Our Society is a forum for individuals or societies who are interested …

United States of America Non-governmental
Digital Democracy

We partner with earth defenders to co-develop technology for social justice. Digital Democracy’s mission is to work in solidarity with frontline communities to use technology to defend their rights and …

India Non-governmental
Coastal Conservation Foundation

The Coastal Conservation Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation committed to conserving and protecting the coastal and marine environments. Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of the importance …

Spain Non-governmental
Fundación Ibercivis

Ibercivis sirve de catalizador de las ideas, retos y cuestiones de ciudadanos y ciudadanas que, sin estar directamente involucrados en la academia, desean poner a marcha sus iniciativas científicas gracias …

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